27 Days

The days grow cold and some days feel like they will never end. Then we have those days I never want to end. The good days where laughs are hearty. The days where you look into wide blue eyes and you catch a glimpse of something so wonderful, a little ornery but still a miraculous curiosity excited by the world. I want so much to remember the good days. I want them to always live in my heart. As we approach the big Turkey day, I want to proclaim the reasons I am truly thankful.

27. Coffee, caffeine, Starbucks, and whatever else which provides me the energy to complete all my to-do lists.

26. The paying job. I am a person who actually loves my job. I like working there and I am grateful that 6 years ago they saw something in me. They saw something I didn’t see in myself. They gave me my first writing assignments and I treasure my time there. I still grump but I am thankful to have a way to help provide for my little family.

25. This place. Misfits of a Mountain Mama originally started on Blogger.com. I moved in August because I wanted to have a place that was mine, a domain I owned. I went a long time without writing. Inside me raged a not so silent voice and I am grateful to have a place to rant, crack jokes, connect with others, and write again.

24. Any reader who stops by here. I appreciate every comment. I value the friendships made through being a blogger. Since starting this website, I have met some truly wonderful encouraging people. And they inspire me to become a better writer. They send words of praise when I can find no words in myself. Thank you.

23. Oprah. Her overpriced Favorite Things made me mad. I wrote something people are still talking about and thanking me for writing. Truth behind that post, I just got angry. Out of the worst places can always come something good.

22. Santa Claus. In the last post, I spoke how I was afraid to introduce the myths to my child. Truth is when we saw Santa at the mall,  I thought there was a fear in my baby’s eyes. The mall Santa is not jolly. I found a YouTube video featuring Santa along with his elves and I showed the merry video to my little boy. Even though it was song addressed to “Nathan,” my child is not named “Nathan,” the terrific toddler laughed like I have never heard him laugh. He giggled and giggled, this made my heart fill with joy.

21. Larabars, Cereal Bars, Mashed Potatoes, and Bread. This is all my son will eat. If he eats, I am happy. Watching him eat causes me to worry a little less. I am thankful when he eats.

20. Daycare. I struggle as every mother does with dropping my son off with strangers. These strangers have been so kind to my family. They sent home little footprints that I will treasure forever. Daycare also makes my child come home with colds which I am told will build his immune system. I hate the sickness, but I treasure those moments when he lets me hold him and cuddle. He is going to have an immune system like an ox when we leave daycare, if all those people aren’t lying to me.

19. A trip to the beach. Watching someone see the ocean for the first time is an event I truly have no words to describe. He ran in the sand and screamed with an enthusiasm which can’t be duplicated. He ran back and forth to the water wildly. I wish every human could experience this pure uninhibited happiness, and I am thankful my son did.

18. The trip to the zoo. It wasn’t actually the zoo which makes me thankful; it was the night before. I got to spend time with an old childhood friend and her babies. Having the time to spend with her family and her was the best part of the ‘zoo’ trip. I was lucky to be able to watch my son interact with other children. Even though my son kept pulling her little girl’s hair, it was adorable to see kids just being kids. I met this friend when I was five years old and am grateful to remain in touch with her.

17. Books. Mainly “Harry the Dirty Dog,” “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” “A Day at the Seashore,” “Goodnight Moon,” and a special book sent by the terrific toddler’s Aunt titled “Colorful Colorado.” My love for books is endless, and to see my son excited by any book is the best feeling for a writing and reading Mama.

16. Time with my husband. Last January, my husband and I got a special trip away by ourselves. It was needed, and there are nights I long to have that kind of time again. I miss him. I miss our time to be by ourselves and having actual adult time. Anytime I am able to spend some ounce of time with him where we talk and laugh, I treasure it. I am thankful for the overnight away we did get.

15. My Ugg Cardy Boots. The husband sewed my buttons back on so I can use them again. It is cold, I am happy to have them back.

14. Music. My son will point to the IPod stand because he wants to hear his favorite songs. He loves the “Alphabet Song,” “Give It Away” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors, and a lot of NOFX songs. I love to watch him dance. There is nothing in this world as cute as a toddler dancing.

13. Poker. We don’t get play as much as we did before the baby was born. Anytime we are able to have some friends over, play some cards, and laugh I treasure the time together.

12. My best friends. I do not have a gaggle of girlfriends. I have two. I love both of them dearly. Every year we are able to remain friends, it is a blessing. They bring happiness and joy to my life. They listen to me whine and complain. They tell me it will be okay. I love these girls like family.

11. A home. A place that is warm, cozy, decorated with Shepard Fairey prints, and was found with the intention of becoming a family. It is our home. A place I never knew existed and had been looking for almost all my life.

10. Kidney infections. I keep these quite often and I always worry it could be the worse. It is only infections which get cleaned out rather easily and I am healthy again. I want to see my baby grow up. I want to hold my grand babies one day. I do not take health for granted and am thankful for my family’s health.

9. Cake. I don’t think this needs an explanation.

8. Wine, Rum, Vodka, and Beer.

7. Little shoes. Little shoes are expensive and little feet keep growing. Most days I detest little shoes because they never stay on, but I am happy we are able to keep affording little shoes, little coats, little shirts, and little pants.

6. A working computer. Today I got the black screen of death. After a system restore and three restarts, it started working again. I love this computer. It is old but it helps me write. Thank you, computer, for not giving up yet. You are the best computer I have ever owned and I love you.

5. My sister. She is the best friend I was forced to have when I was little but now she is a true best friend. She is always there and she will say the things I need to hear. She doesn’t care if it hurts my feelings, because it needs said. She also has great taste in fashion which both my son and I are able to benefit from. She is Auntie Awesome.

4. My In-Laws. We have the same last name and they are my family. They look out for my son and they love the terrific toddler like nothing else. Nothing compares to Grandpa in my son’s eyes, and for this relationship I am thankful.

3. My Mother. You take for granted what your mommy did to get you raised. Then you have a child of your own and you are like “this shit is HARD.” To my mom, this shit is HARD. I don’t know how you did it with two girls but I am thankful you did. I love you and Sissy so much.

2. My Husband. He puts up with a lot of my bullshit. I am not going to sugar coat this. We give each other the hardest times. He cleans, he cooks, and apparently he sews (I didn’t know this till like two days ago.) Through thick and thin, we are always there for each other. He challenges me. He doesn’t mind when I put our life on display for the world to read. He is my mate.

1. This guy.

Blog Nov. 19

I was blessed to have him. He is my everything. He makes me want to be a good Mama, a good wife, and an overall good person. He makes me laugh. He gives me hope. On Thanksgiving and every other day throughout the year, he is my number one reason to be thankful. He is the Terrific Toddler.

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Love this! Great list…thanks for sharing it with us ☺

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