America The Salty

I’m feeling salty today.

Last night I said these words: “It says to avoid nuclear fallout, we’d have to build another room under our basement. Have enough sealed food. At least enough to last until we can be screened for radiation.”

Maybe I overanalyze situations. Maybe I like to be prepared. Maybe I don’t want to spend any unnecessary time in a fallout shelter with the man I married. Thanks, but a 4-story home is close enough quarters for him and I.

Last week, I read how James Wood and Ted Nugent wanted to have a civil war. Because GUNS. And AMMO. And the second amendment. And GUNS. Men with too many toys feel a need to showoff. They value bullets more than human life. If we can’t start a war with some foreign country then let’s have one at home. Brother against brother type of deal. Because apparently we forgot when the south tried to “rise” and lost. Do you know why they lost? They didn’t plan ahead. Cotton doesn’t win wars. They were ill-prepared. They didn’t have enough natural resources to adequately fight against the half of country who did have them.

What has changed?

We’re still not prepared. The folks calling for a civil war won’t be satisfied until blood runs red in the rivers. They don’t want to appear weak. They don’t want to admit the same dictator got pissed off over a Seth Rogen and James Franco movie. We let a feeble little kid dictator drag us into a showdown. He doesn’t give a shit about his people. He doesn’t care for anything other than being a puffed up, pissed off animal. Let him puff. Let him huff. Until yesterday, I had enough faith in our democratic nation and our allies to not worry about blowing any houses down.


Y’all can’t leave well enough alone. Y’all can’t trust Germany, Great Britain, Paris, and all the other nations who are UNITED WITH US. Let the weakling improvise. Acting like he could speak for ALL OF US. For the ones who NEVER WANTED THIS. Us, the majority of the people, who touts the peaceful provisions over GUNS and AMMO and BALL SACKS and BLOOD. Human flesh and carcasses are not our toys to destroy.

Two weeks ago, y’all were telling me who could and couldn’t fight in our armed forces. Now these same people are whooping and hollering, ready to go to war. Because it’s not their lives on the line, is it? It’s super fun to sit in your backyard tinkering with all the money you’ve wasted on GUNS and AMMO, and all those toys. It’s fun to play soldier. It’s convenient to hide behind your pretty picket fences and talk shit, while you never had to live a day in hell.

Like I said, I’m salty today. I’m going to be salty tomorrow too, and the next day and probably until the time comes where we clean up the mess we created. I don’t mean with GUNS and AMMO and playing tough backyard soldiers. Perhaps, we shouldn’t let a little boy dictator get a grown man rattled.

“Fire and fury.” – From a man who has never seen war. Who was born into wealth, he didn’t earn it. Who cares in an unhealthy and narcissistic way about his popularity. Who ran for President as a lark, a joke. Y’all fell for it… hook, line, and sinker. How does your blood taste? Salty? It should. Spit it out before you choke on that gigantic hook dug into the side of your cheek.

To the people who thought this is what they wanted:

The voter demographics show who you are, your true self is shining through. Instead it’s the stench of ignorance and arrogance. History is staring at you. We see you. Booo-fucking-hoo. We see you for what you are. We see the humility you’ve shown to us. We see how you want your women to be treated. We see what you think of your children and your grandchildren. We see what you think of your fellow neighbor. All eyes are staring at the vote you cast.

All hearts will remember the time your greed bled over freedom.

This isn’t America.
Not today.
At least, not the America I grew up in. Where I’m from, people help their neighbors and don’t throw them under a nuclear holocaust bus because they have all these toys, and guns, and ammo, and reckless abandonment for human lives.

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Charli Mills
I was just having this very conversation with my veteran husband. We both own guns and make our own ammo, but we both loathe war, the NRA, the jerkoffs rebel rousing for the NRA and the clown in charge of this bloody circus. My husband has seen war up close and personal, not from the viewpoint of a drone or buried IUDs. He’s shot and been shot at. It makes him pause and think rational thoughts like, never let it come to bullets. And over bullets? Effing ignorant. But then that’s the disease we are up against. Ignorance. Stay strong.… Read more »

I think the phrase ‘going to hell in a handbasket’ doesn’t quite cover it.

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