Baby Gold

Almost everyday I am amazed at the objects which bring my son the most joy. These are the things I don’t ever notice in my day to day life but he notices them. He will say “babababa” at a rapid pace and an excitement will buzz over him. These are the things that make my son happy. And since they make my baby happy, these things have become pretty big deals in our little world. 

1. Flags (it doesn’t matter what kind of flag.) He LOVES FLAGS! He can spot them a mile away and the funny thing is I never noticed how many flags hang in our local grocery stores or are flying all over my small little town. I notice them now. The best part is when we decorated his nursery, I hung prayer flags above his crib and on his door. He was never so happy as when he realized he had his own flags. 

2. Stop Signs, actually any road sign. My child has what our family likes to call the “Hawk Eye” to spot every sign which has been stuck and cemented in the ground. When he goes for a walk he will let you know that he wants to touch every sign along the way. You never realize how many random signs your town has until you are beckoned by a 15 month old to touch every single one of them. And big points are scored to our neighbors for their handicap sign. This makes it convenient every time my son goes into the front yard to play. The handicap sign causes him to run towards the street which makes me a freakin’ nervous wreck.

3. Goodnight Moon and this one page from the book “Tails.” Seriously, he has major giggle fits over this one page. He loved it so much he ripped it out of the book so he could  conveniently carry it around with him. Because you don’t need an entire book when you 
love the SHINY peacock tail.
And in true mom fashion, I had a mom fit over him ripping a page out of a book because we don’t destroy books. We love books. We treasure books. Books are knowledge. 

4. Balloons. ALL BALLOONS. BALLOONS ARE BABY GOLD! Babies and toddlers go bat shit crazy over balloons. And guess what? In “Goodnight Moon” there is a red balloon. It is not even a real balloon and my son goes nuts because we are talking about balloons.

It was advised to not let the baby swallow any pieces of balloons because it will apparently mess up their digestive tract and they can’t pass it. So don’t let your child swallow balloon pieces. Still remember, Balloons=Baby Gold. 

5. Water, not in the drinking form but in the ‘I am gonna toss this cat bowl full of water into the floor and flop in it like a fish form.’ This can also mean a bucket of water. Because the bucket can be dumped as well. Pretty much any kind of water which can be thrown into the floor, this is usually proceeded by laying on the floor and thrashing around. It is easily mopped and our floors look like the peacock’s tail, SHINY. On the downside to this, my son knows no fear of water and will run at a lake or a creek without a second thought. And then once again, I am a freakin’ nervous wreck. 

Adults seem to lose joy. Balloons, water, flags, and other simplicities do not make us happy. We don’t even notice them, much rather get excited about them. We grow up and become excited over money, over stupid material possessions. Not all that glitters is really gold. I do have one small thing which makes me feel young. It creates my own personal heaven covered in buttercream dreams. Every time I get this thing, I am so happy. I am even happier to share this joy with my child. My little joy is CAKE. I freakin’ love CAKE!

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