On the Road: A Blog Tour

The greatest experience in my blogging journey has been reading the stories other amazing bloggers choose to share. Their words have inspired, encouraged, and prove that behind every face is a personal story waiting to be told. I would like to introduce all my readers to three of my favorite ladies which I have met through writing. One chases her own joy where she shows grit, determination, and a whole lotta heart. Another is a living testimony to finding the spirited life in the everyday occurrences while living holistically. And finally ya’ll got to meet my favorite lil fluffy pants who is changing the diapering world one pants change at a time. Each lady has been kind enough to share three random facts about themselves. Without further ado, meet my favorite ladies!

Blog #1:

Chasing Joy

Chasing Joy

Her name is not Joy but she is  chasing it non-stop. Arlett writes the blog Chasing Joy, about woman in her 30s who is all grown up and realizing things have not turned out the way she thought.   Life can often be difficult or shall we say challenging but Arlett chooses to focus on and go after Joy.

Arlett started writing Chasing Joy after a difficult time in her life that included a horrible job, a bad breakup and losing her dad to cancer.  These events, that sadly are common to many, left her in a dark place. A place that was filled with sadness and shadows of what could have been.

Chsing Joy is Arlett’s quest for Joy and her way back to being happy and staying happy after so much heartache; to not only find her old self but to improve upon it.

3 Facts you may or may not know:

1. I have been brain washed.  My dad graduated from Temple University.   My dad repeatedly sang songs to me about me walking down Broad Street  when I was a baby and little girl. Temple University is located on Broad Street in Philadelphia.   Today, I am a proud Owl, Temple University Graduate. Coincidence?  I think not!
2. I invented stuffed crust pizza in the 80s. Ask anyone who knows me well how I eat my pizza.  They will tell you that I always order pepperoni but I take all of the peperoni off. I eat the slice plain and then stuff all of the peperoni into the crust. Saving the best for last.  I should have patented the process back in 1985.
Inventing the Stuffed Crust Pizza.

Inventing the Stuffed Crust Pizza.

3. Not sure if this is a fun fact but I did a boudoir photo shoot last year. It was a great experience and bost to my confidence.  Most people who know me in real life are surprised that I did something like that. So I guess the real fun fact is that I am mot as shy or conservative as a lot of people think.

Chasing Joy 1

You can find Chasing Joy on her website at www.chasing-joy.com and be sure to ‘like’ her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/joychasing or follow her on Twitter @chasing_joy and on Instagram @ChasingJoy

Blog #2:

Our Spirited Life

Sarah 3

Sarah Kurliand blogs at Our Spirited Life where she shares her adventures in raising a spirited little boy while living a holistic lifestyle in the City of Philadelphia.

Sarah 2

Sarah Shares her Facts:

1) I hate cheese, like really hate it. I can’t barely even touch it without gagging (this excludes cream cheese.)

2) I picked up my husband in a bar as my 22nd Birthday present.

3) My lifelong dream is to live out of a backpack around the world with my family.

Sarah 1

You can find Sarah and read her amazing journey at www.ourspiritedlife.com and show her some Facebook love by liking her at MySpiritedKid or follow her on Instagram @ourspiritedlife.

Blog #3

Lil Fluffy Pants

Hannah 1

Hannah just celebrated her four year wedding anniversary and works full time away from the home in marketing. She not only works full time but is also called “mommy” to a BUSY little boy. She loves her cloth diapers so much and talked her husband’s ear off about them that he finally told her he didn’t want to talk about cloth diapers anymore. Shortly after she decided that she would start a blog so she could write about cloth diapers to her heart’s content and stop bugging her husband (about cloth diapers anyway).

Hannah 2

Fluffy Pants Facts:

1) I grew up a daddy’s girl and wanted to be just like my big brother. I still love sports (both playing and watching), grew up hunting and fishing but now you could rarely catch me leaving the house without makeup on (besides those quick trips for ice cream of course).

2) I was a Geography major in undergrad and actually earned college credits traveling to New Orleans and Paris.

3) I met my husband while we were living in the same apartment building. We ran into each other in the parking garage and talked for a bit about the Milwaukee Brewers and then we went our separate ways. A few days later I found a note on my car from him with his number. I contemplated all day if I should call or not but I did! He set up a date for that next week but then had to reschedule it for another time. Little did he know that I would see him on tv catching a ball from the Brewers outfielder – on the night that we were supposed to have our first date! Needless to say, he never told me why he couldn’t make their date, so I teased him a bit, but we did reschedule. We had a great time together and as “they” say – the rest is history!

Be sure to follow the revolution in diapers by reading Hannah’s blog at lilfluffypants.com and you can “like” the best in fluffiest pants on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LilFluffyPants.

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