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One Person Can Featured On BonBon Break

My life has seemingly been a series of events leading up to right places culminating with the right times. I would not be sitting here typing these words without a little luck. And I’ve combined that luck with grit and determination in following the passions I love. To understand a few of the events that led me here today, please…

A Weekend Getaway Featured On Cosmopolitan!

It’s hard to face the facts. One of my facts is how my marriage has suffered since having our child. I missed conversation. I missed our time. But one trip changed helped reignite some old flames. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO READ: “A WEEKEND GETAWAY LITERALLY SAVED OUR SEXLESS MARRIAGE” featured on Cosmopolitan¬†

My Second Wedding On Good Housekeeping Tonight

For years when I began writing on this website, I felt like I was a hiding a secret. The husband readers had come to know wasn’t my first husband. I had another wedding. It was drastically different than the wedding I had with my second husband. Please click on the link below to read: “After My First Marriage Ended, I…

Yes, I’m A Real Mother Featured On Scary Mommy Today!

Sticks and stones, they’ve been thrown my way. Words do hurt me. I thought when I decided to become clean, the hardest part to my addiction would be over. In some ways, it’s never over. The judgement towards the kind of person I used to be seems to collide with the person I am today. The judgement doesn’t allow me…

Marie Antoinette and Me on Sammiches Today!

There are always people from the past we hold a certain infatuation and idolization for. Mine is Marie Antoinette. It started from a lonely night in an attic apartment. I watched a Sofia Coppola movie, and then I watched it again. This night happened 9 years ago for me. Since then I’ve ordered every book I could find and immersed…

The Most Beautiful Thing Featured On Sammiches Today!

The days can seem long and unforgiving, but each new day starts the same way: With a sunrise. And each day will end: With a sunset.  The attitude we hold in between can be simplistic or add complication. Click on the link below to read: The Most Beautiful Thing: Enjoying The Simplicity of Today featured on Sammiches and Psych Meds

First, Last, And Only Featured on BonBon Break Today!

There are many questions occupying a person’s mind when they become a new parent. Then their first child grows older and people begin asking the inevitable question: “Will you be having more children?” I would love to have more but read why I can’t by clicking the link below: “He Is My First, Last, and Only Child” Featured on BonBon…

What 14 Years Does To A Relationship on Good Housekeeping

My husband and I moved in together 6 months after first meeting. We’ve never been apart longer than 3 days. As our relationship evolved, it has changed. There are seasons and, right now, him and I are facing a test of our love. CLICK HERE TO READ “The Truth About My 14-Year Relationship” Featured on Good Housekeeping¬†

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