Cereal Christmas

A little boy thinks Christmas is a tree. If you ask him about Christmas, he will point to the fake glittery tree in the corner of our home. No presents, no ribbons, or name tags are currently under this tree. The reason is, I’m waiting till the absolute last minute to put them there. He wants to touch the tree. He wants to throw this year’s plastic ornaments as if they’re a part of his plastic ball guild. The family tree is adorned with a new ornament; twine connecting it to the window sill. The twine keeps the tree safe from crushing one curious little boy.

The Terrific Toddler runs his tiny soft hands over blue and white LED lights, the same lights I curse every year.

“Who the fuckety fuck thought it was a good idea to put lights on a tree?” I cuss and stomp. All the while, I’m meticulously threading Christmas lights into a tree.

In my wasteful college youth, long before $20 LED lights, I would cut the lights off because “they’re only $1 a box.” I no longer cut my lights off the Christmas tree. They’re now rolled neatly around cardboard paper towel holders and they’re stored safely in plastic bins till next season.

Every year, I may cuss the lights but…damn, they put on a show in a dark living room. They provide an ambiance to Christmas. They make a little boy think Christmas is only about a tree. He doesn’t understand Santa. He doesn’t grasp the idea of presents or toys. When he wakes up on Christmas morning, he’ll only desire his morning sippy cup. A trait he gets from his Mama, who has to have coffee first and foremost.

Commercialism is slowing capturing him. A week ago, we went about the weekly grocery trip. There it was, the BEST cereal ever made. The Terrific Toddler screamed and excitedly waved his arms. Oh my FREAKIN’ HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, Super Why is on a cereal box! We couldn’t leave the aisle till THAT cereal landed in the buggy and, it did. It was his first time falling for the ol’ “put your favorite cartoon character on a cereal box and your parents will buy it.”

Blog Dec. 8

Yes, we fell as a family. All of us fell together. Hook. Line. Sinker.

Maybe it will only be one more year, then the innocence comes to an end. The world is creeping its way into our home. It’s starting with cereal. One day it will be the Playstation 10, or the new overpriced shoes, or the “i” whatever Apple has invented. It will be shit. A holiday will become commercialized and focused solely on things which don’t matter.

Today, I cherish that a little boy thinks Christmas is about a tree.

Blog Dec. 8-2

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Aleshea Dominique

Aww, how cute about your daughter. As a kid I always thought the tree was the best thing ever

Tarynn Playle

OMG! So true!! My daughter is three and last year she was pretty indifferent. This year, she is fascinated by it all. She’s proud of the tree (she got to decorate it). I’m always the one to do the lights, and yes, they seriously suck! But I’ve never cut them-lol! Never knew that was an option. Ha! I love this sweet story about your little boy, so adorable!

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