Charleston Dreamin’

Vacation time is almost here. And I am excited, nervous, and filled with the anticipation which I can only liken to Christmas Eve. South Carolina has been my home away from home since I was five years old. Myrtle Beach holds as many memories for me as it does grains of sand scattered through it’s landscape. After a few disappointing trips back to Myrtle Beach with my husband (then boyfriend at the time) we no longer visit the beach where condos and timeshares overrun premier locations. On the last trip there we drove for two hours just trying to find a restaurant with less than a hour wait. It ended in an uncomfortable dinner which was neither romantic or had any air of vacation in it. A pissed off hungry woman is not good dinner company.

So we moved our vacation spot to Charleston, South Carolina. And there is no shortage of good low country fare. And I am so excited to introduce my baby to the beach. To take him to Sullivan’s Island and sit at Poe’s Tavern. To walk the open air market, where I hope we can share a Kaminsky’s Most Excellent Dessert. This is how I know I am truly a pudgy mama. I DREAM ABOUT THIS CAKE. 


 I have entire dreams where I am trying to get to this dessert joint. Finally it is the time of year where I get to actually eat my cake! And I guess I should share a bit with our newest family member since it is his first beach vacation. 

The love of cake is really being overridden by this fact. My little man will finally put his little toes in the sand. He will see waves. He will smell the salt air. The air which has always felt more like a home to me than the mountains ever have. When he was in my belly, I would tell him about the beach over and over again. It is my happy little space. And each year I plot and I save just to get back there. Almost twelve months of the year are spent thinking about this one week, where work is a distant memory and I am so alive and happy in my little rented beach vacation home. And I can’t wait to share this little heaven with my baby. To watch him play. To see his face light up at a new destination. To enjoy our first real family vacation down by the sea.


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