The Edible Cross

The Toddler has his seersucker pants, navy blue polo shirt, and a matching hat waiting for Sunday. There is a basket hidden in the closet along with enough Reese’s Eggs to make a diabetic go into a coma. There’s even a new plush Thomas the Tank Engine hidden somewhere. The husband hid it, I have no idea where. It’s probably with the basket and candy. He’s not too original. Let me check.

Yep, he hid it with the other Easter Bunny offerings.

On Sunday, a bunny is supposedly coming to our house and leaving a basket filled with candy and other wonderful kid treats. This bunny is pretty sneaky as he will be hiding pastel colored eggs in our backyard. At least he doesn’t come into our house while we sleep or send an Elf spy to sit on our shelves.

I really want to give a huge shout out to WalMart on their Easter commercial this year. Nice try with the Easter bike. We are celebrating a risen savior, I don’t think bikes are necessary. Bikes are more of a Christmas staple, you get the big gifts when Jesus was born.

As I shopped for a basket and gifts last weekend, I noticed another priceless piece which is a must have for every Easter basket. Who doesn’t want to watch their child bite off huge chocolate cross chunks? I saw them sitting next to the M&M’s and the Dove solid milk chocolate Easter rabbits. It’s okay to eat chocolate rabbits, not crosses. This is the first year where I’ve prepared an actual Easter Basket for my child. His first Easter, he received diapers, formula, a new blanket, and toys. He was two months old. I put candy in his first Easter basket, for myself. I like Reese’s Eggs, a lot.

On his first Easter celebration, he also peed on his outfit and was promptly changed back into his normal one piece sleeper wear. The kind of outfit with footies, and snaps all the way around the crotch area. Nothing fancy. I really didn’t visit the Easter candy aisle too much on his first year.

The second Easter I stuck to non-choking candy like Reese’s Eggs and Peeps. I guess in my protective parenting mode of ruling out choking hazards, I missed the chocolate crosses.

Not this year, I saw the mass marketed ploy front and center as I stood surrounded by other yoga pants wearing, stressed out Mom counterparts. I wanted to scream.

“Hey Moms, are you seeing this? They only have three chocolate crosses left. They nailed Jesus to a cross, and Target is almost sold out of chocolate crosses!”

I didn’t say anything due to my shyness, and my inability to talk to strangers.  In case you need a last minute Easter basket filler, you can now buy solid milk chocolate candy crosses. They might have stocked hollow chocolate crosses but were sold out by the time I got there. I didn’t read the sold out description tags next to the solid milk chocolate candy crosses to see if people preferred hollow faith over the solid chocolate kind.

My child will not have an Easter Bike this year. He also won’t have a milk chocolate cross which was used to nail a religious icon on. He will never have a homemade edible crucifix complete with chocolate Jesus hanging on the cross, as these are also available. I can’t stomach watching a child bite the head off of Jesus.

To me, a cross means faith. My faith isn’t an edible substance.

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Rachael Boley

Love this. You’re so right… Crosses are sacred and seeing children eat them, or Jesus, is sort of sacrilegious. Glad you opted for the other stuff and held reverance for the chocolate crosses. ☺

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