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I am so honored and grateful to have a piece featured today on The Mid. The words published there are a part of my heart. They are about my home, and my own Mommy. Yes, I still call her ‘Mommy’, she will always be my Mommy. I don’t write about my mother often, out of love and protection. But, I call her almost every day.  I admire her own strength, and still only want my Mommy when I’m sick or sad.

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The Natural Beauty in Appalachian Women

appearing on The Mid Today!

Blog July 23

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This was so cool. I must admit that all I know of Appalachian families is from movies, and though some show the side that you write about, most do lump everyone in with backwoods type people. It is strange how stereotypes take hold and the media and movies fan the flames and keep them going… and that is the end of my tangent.
Great post Rachel! Makes me want to go climb trees and run in the grass. 🙂


I really enjoyed reading this and I think we can all learn from the ways of the Appalachian momma! Especially love the passing on of recipes from generation to generation. You should teach us how to make good dumplings! 😉 Tweeted.


Read it. Loved it. Shared it. xoxo

lisa thomson

Great article! I love it. I want to go see you in Appalachia now.

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