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The last month, two things have gotten me through each day: my son and writing. It’s never easy to face hurt from your partner, your husband, but I know I am not alone. Men and women cheat. They lie. They bring down homes. My home was no different, nor was it immune.

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“The Death of My Marriage”

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It’s gonna be okay, Rachel. Really. Take time to heal, breath deeply when sad and remember -you’re not alone, not the first one, unfortunatelly not the last one either.. You can never tell how many of us walk this earth. Been there, done that and now I am a new happy remarried mama. So – once again – it’s gonna be okay. You will be happy again, eventually.


You say he betrayed you without warning, or suddenly, but really he warned you the first and second times he betrayed you, before this last time. He did not deserve your forgiveness over and over. You are free now, and hopefully will end up loving yourself more!

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