Fiddle Away, Nero.

It has been written how Rome burned for six days and seven nights. Rumors ran rampant how the Emperor Nero may have actually started the great fire in order to build back the Rome he wanted.

Better. Bigger. More grandiose. Build a republic only he would be fit to rule. 

Although there are accounts Nero did offer relief to his people, all history will remember is Nero played music, or he figuratively fiddled around and watched his city burned. It should also be noted he hated Christians. He would cover them oil and set them ablaze to provide light in his gardens.

Nero would not be the first to cast persecution on Christians. He is also certainly not the last man to persecute people for their religion, or for being born with a certain ethnicity, or discriminating against who a person decides to love, or hating a person because they have a vagina and were born a woman. Persecution doesn’t really know a gender or a race or a religion. It’s not relegated to one individual. Instead, persecution is a limitless tool known since men first walked this earth.

Nero is still fiddling while Rome burns. 

America is burning. We are in an upheaval, an endless cycle of uncertainty where we can’t understand the degradation placed in front of us. We are bursting at the seams with shock and electrocution every time we wake up to the new fiddling sounds. The twiddling tweeting thumbs admonishing certain news outlets. Creating a fake wrestling television, with choreographed moves on a fake avatar. The only thing real is the distraction.

People will call names. This is the elementary schoolyard bully mentality. Call me whatever name you’d like. Call me a liberal. Call me a libtard. Call me a snowflake. Call me a bleeding heart. Ignorant. Sheeples. I don’t care. I can take your petty name-calling.

At the end of your tirade, call me a human with humanity in my heart.

Disgrace has befallen two network cable news stations in one week.

I’ll call him: “Nero.”

What is he distracting our attention from? What should we not be concerned about?

Should 33 million of us be worried we won’t have insurance? Should mothers and fathers be concerned for their special needs children? Should they worry about if they will be allowed to attend public schools and have an education? Should parents be worried if their children will have affordable assistance to help with their needs? Should people with pre-existing conditions begin hoarding their medication, skipping doses and storing it away? Repeal and trust us, my government says. 

My government tweets. My government is denying free press. My government is not genuine in where their alliances are truly aligned. My government has not been forthright about our election. My government is asking for my voting records.

My government feels like a modern-day Nero.

Fiddle-la-deeSkip to the lou, my darling. 

Don’t turn your head around and look at us, my government says. Look at the man fiddling away.  Don’t question the authoritarians. Don’t speak out when they attack my gender, not just once. But SEVERAL TIMES THIS MAN HAS ATTACKED WOMEN. I don’t care if we are bleeding from the face, or the vagina, or from our fingers with contempt about our hatred because men think they can grab us. Men think our voices are weak and our emotions are unstable. Our hormones make us cry.

What should women think of a man who fake fights a cartoon avatar and sits behind a Twitter account like a troll? I think him to be the real pussy.

Grab those words, and choke on their self-righteous condemnation.

Fiddle away.

Fiddle away from the fact you are, and probably always were, in collusion with Russia. Fiddle away while we see that you are not a great man. Fiddle away while you will from this point on go down as embarrassment to our country, to our democracy, and to our republic. Fiddle away, sir. Everything people used to respect about you is going up in flames. A man holding the highest office in the United States government is now synonymous with words such as: misogynist, bigot, failure, liar, corrupt, and untrustworthy. This will be the legacy his name will leave behind.

The republic burns and certain political affiliations are too scared to grab water and douse the fire. They are scared to have their neck put on the tweeting block. They are scared their skeletons will dance out of the closet and onto the National Enquirer. They are cowards and do not deserve another vote by any faithful patriotic American.

They watch as Nero fiddles and tweets and Americans suffer. The jobs aren’t coming back. Not one political party is to blame for the place we’ve reached in our history today. Both came, trying to make something better. Both came with their own versions of war, and economic restructuring. Some even came to bring hope to our future. Both parties have always tried to hold the values of the American people with their best interest. To serve all parties and all people in a faithful, dignified, respectful manner.

None ever came with egomaniacal tactic demanding loyalty and apologies. None has ever came with threats, wanting to know who we voted for, and none has ever held the office with a vile, outlandish tone towards its own citizens.

We were great far before a tweeting tyrant told us we needed to be great again. Long before walls and bans and discrimination and hate crimes tallied their way upwards as each day there is always new breaking disgusting news.

We were already great.

Now, we’re burning while a man with tiny hands fiddles.

July 4th is our sovereign celebration for breaking away from a monarchy and forming our independent nation. We know how to break away and become whole. We know how to be great and form democracies. We know how to take care of each other and not turn our backs on well-established alliances such as freedom of speech and the freedom of our press. We know how to resist. We know how to be Americans.

Fiddling and tweeting is not the American way. We are better, and we deserve better.

Let the old man fiddle. Fire has a way of spreading.







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Beautiful analogy.

David Ellis
You all deserve better and he doesn’t represent the true spirit of the American people. This administration does not deserve any respect just because they hold the title of the office. Their people with their questionable morals, dodgy backgrounds and penchant for lies, along with the decisions that they make are constantly against the common interests of the good and decent people of America. I feel like there is hope around the corner, all you can do right now is stay strong and resist as hard as possible, in order to maintain your own integrity and to help support your… Read more »
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