Get That Candy

Over a hundred times a day I say the phrase “use your words.” On the weekends it’s probably somewhere in the thousands. My toddler doesn’t know the exact words for everything and his way of speaking is mainly through hand gestures. He has other methods like grunting, whining, pointing, and getting ready to go into complete tantrum mode to express his needs or wants. Mostly, it is his wants. I miss real conversation so much. He doesn’t have to discuss Plato or Socrates with me, but I would be thrilled if he would say “yo’ mom give me a chocolate chip cookie.” Or he could pull a funny and say “in a few minutes, you are going to smell something rotten because I just dropped a BOMB.” Then he could laugh and walk away.

Toilet humor, I would love some toilet humor right about now. Any humor or some kind of real language would delight me. He does have some words. Mainly dadadada, that means Dad. And he’s got beeeeesch, this means¬† beach (but it could be misconstrued into a derogatory word towards women. When we are out in public and he says his version of ‘beach,’ I always promptly say beach out loud to let any one near us know exactly what he means. I don’t want to get mommy shamed thinking we are all gangsta rap in here throwing around the b-word. We don’t do that, the b-word is forbidden in our home.)

Things happen at their own times. When they are supposed to happen. Every parent tells me to enjoy this time, because once he starts talking, he will never stop. I may regret this post. But there is a deep down longing for that day to come. I don’t care if we talk about crayons, or “Super Why,” or how much he hates vegetables. At least then I can hear his voice, his opinions. . .maybe gain a better understanding into his viewpoint of this world. He is my only child. I just want to know him.

For now, dada is his favorite. He loved the beach. Most the time he loves bafs (baths.) He is working on saying “Go Herd.” And Mommy is really important when he wants cookies and candy, he will say mum mum mum. And I talk to myself a lot while he looks at me wide eyed and smiling. Oh, and since Halloween is on the way we are teaching him about getting that candy. I do stress we don’t take candy from strangers, but every time I do I think to myself that is kind of the point to the entire Trick or Treating thing. Parenting is hard.


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