Her Passenger

When I think of the most addictive words I’ve consumed, I think of Samara. I met her in a bunker. The air was exciting, and I was a bit of afraid… I was new. Why am I here? How did I get here?

Immediately, my notifications went haywire. There was a red carpet and glitter rained down from rooftops.

I was swept into the merry little Land of Oz. Then I followed a yellow brick road and landed in a different place, there I saw “A  Buick in the Land of Lexus.”

That night, like I do with any substance I love, I indulged. I binged. I read every word I could find by her.

I still read every word she writes.

She has put us into a cult, let us hang out with rock stars at Lollapalooza, we’ve dated some Wiccan witches, had some sexy time, we’ve laughed and cried. All because of Samara.

Happy Birthday, Samara.

Thank you for letting us sit beside you in your Buick.



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Love this Rachel!!!


It’s so very lovely to be a passenger in Samara’s buick. From one reader who gets it to another… I salute you, and your tribute! 😀

This might be the most perfect, simple, beautiful tribute I’ve ever read. Rachel. Isn’t it strange how people just connect online, and fall in love? Lizzi calls it the World Between the Wires. You don’t know this, but as soon as I “met” you, and read your work, I was entranced. I couldn’t wait to have you write for the Sisterwives. You’re a goddamn writing force to be reckoned with. The Bunker. Wow, so many relationships started in that Bunker. I guess all us Punks just find one another, huh? I feel every word you write. I’m connected to you… Read more »

Great tribute, Rachel. Samara, the ultimate wheel woman!

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