Jump Jump Jump

If I could tell my son just one thing, it would be this lesson. It took me a little over thirty years to learn the lessons of self respect and self love. Approval is not necessary to thrive. In the evenings my son and I have a dance we do. We jump jump jump, we shake shake shake, and we wiggle wiggle wiggle. I started this dance as a fun game for him and I to play together. He never really jumps. He crouches down and raises up. And he is so proud of himself. I exude excitement over his jumping skills, and I really am proud of him. I do not care if his feet never leave the ground. When company comes over or when we meet new people, one of the first things my son does is show off his superior jumping ability. He seeks approval and attention. In the first year and a half of his life he has already learned love equals the approval and attention of others. That is not true. 


Let’s not even begin to fake because we are adults and we are better than a toddler. We are no better. We go on Fakebook and parade a life which doesn’t resemble reality. We do it for a click of a button so people may ‘Like’ us. We desire a retweet. And I have to ask, if we do this behind a computer screen then what are we doing in our real life so people may ‘like’ us? 

We may chase a boy who never wants us. We may sacrifice our pride, our self dignity, and our own morals in order to gain love, so we are finally accepted. The seeking of love, the chasing of approval, and the proud accomplishment we feel because we’ve gained a hundred ‘likes’ will only end in people who consistently sell themselves short. Opinions and acceptance doesn’t make your talents. Your talents are your own God given right. They are yours. We are all self made.

Hear me baby. Hear me loud and clear. Mommy and Daddy love you no matter how high you jump. We love you when you fall. We love you when you are angry. We love you when you smile so big that every heart in the room melts. You do not need our approval to be great. You are already great. Be you.  Jump because you want to touch the sky.

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