Lady in Your Salsa Aisle

Rules were made to be broken, until now. One rule I have truly remained adamant about, besides no hitting and biting, is we should always dance. Dance away your negativity. Sing positive vibrations. And Marky Mark (I don’t care that you prefer not to be called Marky Mark and I truly doubt you are reading this anyways, but hi-fives if you do. I love your new burger show!) can you feel it? The good vibrations? 

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The good vibrations will clear away all the negative. From the beginning of my pregnancy till present day, I have played music for my child. I have sang (and I can’t sing, but I do it anyways.) I have tried to encourage music in order to bring harmony into this chaotic existence.

When the baby was in the belly, I would put headphones on my stomach and play classical music. He loved Mozart. He would kick away and I always knew it was a Mozart song playing on my IPod. When he was born I kept the tradition of playing classical music. I also started new traditions of playing the music we love. I encourage dancing. For some reason, when my child dances he looks like Miley Cyrus twerking. I’m not going to post her picture because we’ve all seen it. Yea, my child falls down and twerks but he doesn’t know he is twerking and I don’t tell him. I just say “YAY! We are DANCING!!” and act real excited while waiving my arms in the air. It’s kinda similar to this:

Okay, I look exactly like this but not as skinny and not as blonde. Dancing is a big deal. You can have the worst days but come home and sing at the top of your lungs while giving your booty a good shake, and guess what? The day is completely better. I realized another great positive outcome in singing. By singing and distracting I have avoided a common scenario because all children are alike in some ways. They all have their tantrums of “I WANT.”
Right before my child enters full meltdown mode, you will hear a soft voice coming at him singing “All the tired horses in the sun, How’m I supposed to get any ridin’ done? Mmm, Mmm Mmm.” It was the only song I could remember all the lyrics to, so it’s what I got. You are reading this right, I sing Bob Dylan’s worst song in public all the time. But if you have ever watched “Peg + Cat” consider this my child’s calm down before he “totally starts freaking out.” 
Yes, I am the lady in your store singing to her child. I am also the crazy lady who has to sing this tune when she enters the salsa aisle at any supermarket:
of Have fun trying to get this little ditty out your head. It’s been years and I still can’t. 


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