Cash and Clothing is Only a Leap Away!

Watching my child discover his own imagination has given me a sense of wonderment as an adult, I can remember the first time I saw his little mind come to life. I took him to the store one day and picked up a small little red car. We opened the package at the counter (after paying for it, of course) and then after I buckled him into his car seat I heard a noise. A loud humming, as I turned around  I saw him driving his little car up and down his car seat. He was driving his car as Mommy was driving hers. To encourage imagination, I seek clothing that excites and inspires creativity. This clothing is found in an American based company located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Leap of Faith Clothing has attire which will inspire kids, big and small, to use their imaginations! And with the help of Female Blogger RT, they are offering the chance to score $50 PayPal cash along with $50 to their store. That’s right, FREE CASH & FREE GOODIES!

One of their hottest items is their signature cape tee which is quickly turning every little boy or girl into a superhero while allowing creativity to reach new heights. From leaping tall buildings in a single bound to becoming the ultimate marvel, Leap of Faith Clothing encourages every child to dream the impossible. A cape tee can turn a small dream into a day filled with adventures.
Mommas-to-be can become head turners when they are outfitted in one Leap of Faith’s hilarious maternity tanks. And after being limited to the likes of O’Doul’s for 9 LONG MONTHS, you deserve to flaunt your feat in comfort and style.

Leap of Faith doesn’t stop at their unique clothing. They have a variety of monogrammed items such as jewelry, handbags, pillows, clocks, and rugs. Also, they are introducing personalized cell phone covers sure to fit any phone brand. 

There is no better gift to commemorate a child’s entrance into the world than one of Leap of Faith’s personalized throw pillows. When a gift can become an heirloom, it will be passed down through generations.  Start a new tradition by giving a Leap of Faith personalized birth announcement pillow today.




Leap of Faith doesn’t only make births and pregnancies a special occasion, but they are ready to add a personalized touch to weddings with their customized ring bearer security tee. Memories will be remembered in a Leap of Faith’s one of a kind matrimony specialties.


Leap of Faith Clothing has taken the leap and is able to custom make almost any item a customer needs or wants. Now they are asking you to jump into their fabulous brand and discover their clothing line which is specifically branded in imagination and creativity!
Visit Leap of Faith Clothing at or contact them at (704)412-2201!

With the help of FemaleBloggerRT and some fabulous mom bloggers, Leap of Faith Clothing is giving away $50 Paypal CASH and $50 to their store!

The giveaway will close October 9! Open to US residents only. 
To claim your chance at winning $50 Paypal Cash and $50 to Leap of Faith Clothing’s store just fill out the entry form below! And make sure to check out the great bloggers helping to spread the word! 





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