“Long Live the Punk” Featured on Original Bunker Punks TODAY!

I discovered this new site through Facebook. They posted a picture of this quote to their page:


And I was in LOVE. Like I turned into googly-eyed, first boyfriend just kissed me teenager in love. These are the words I write by. When I sit down to write, I hope to bleed enough. Today, this site is featuring an article I wrote titled, “Long Live the Punk.”

Come away with me to the Bunker and read on…..


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I love that Ernest Hemingway quote! I just read an article about how writing helps improve your mental and physical health. On to read your post.

Charli Mills

Great article and great wish for your son! You know what’s really cool? When your kid(s) are grown up, sitting around the table with you and you snort-laugh and they ALL snort-laugh in return then you can’t stop snort-laughing! Awesome moment! <3

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