A Marriage in the Making on Mamalode today!

Each and every time I am able to be published, I am honored. Today, Mamalode, is featuring one of the hardest pieces I’ve written to date. We’re able to constantly view the pictures on social media, but behind these pictures showing happy couples are real marriages. This is the story of mine:

Some things are easy to write. Some things write themselves. Some stories end up magically flowing into the world. Then, there are the stories I don’t like to talk about. The stories I don’t want to write…..click here to continue reading on Mamalode.


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Rachael Boley

Oh my goodness!!! Congratulations on being published with mamalode! So awesome, and this piece was absolutely beautiful!!! I love you and your writing! Good job beautiful mama!

Tove Maren

WOW – what a beautiful article and congratulations on being published at Mamalode! Good day all around! Marriage is hard… really hard… but I am glad you both stuck it out! Stay strong, mama!

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