Mom Babble Presents The Helping Chair

There are material possessions we will never forget. My grandmother owned a yellow metal helping chair. It sat in her kitchen and most of her grandchildren climbed and sat upon the squeaky chair several times throughout their lives. Her yellow chair was the inspiration behind wanting a helping chair of my own. It wasn’t a very well thought out plan. Maybe my grandmother decided to not tell me about the trouble in owning a helping chair. Or maybe she did, and I forgot to heed her warnings.

Today, my sweet red faux leather helping chair has a home. Not really. It’s still sitting in my kitchen causing chaos and shenanigans. But, the words written about the heavenly idea of a helping chair are featured today on Mom Babble.

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The Helping Chair

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Crystal R. Cook

I loved this post so much! I had a toaster toddler too . . . oh, the stench!

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