The Day A New Wind Came Remastered

When the Original Bunker Punks asked me to look back at my beginning, a grab bag of emotions swelled inside my heart. It had been over a year and a half since I read those words. Reading them took me back to a moment in time.

I remember talking to my husband, “I want to start a blog. A place I can write words I want to write.” I spent the next day trying to think of a name. As I was blow drying my hair, I looked at our DVD shelf and there was my answer.

blog 9-24I adore ‘The Misfits’ for several reasons. It was written by Marilyn Monroe’s third husband, Arthur Miller, and it starred Clark Gable. There is a scene in the movie where Marilyn’s character goes out and screams her head off. I relate, in so many ways, to wanting to stand in a field and roar at this crazy world.

As I stared at the movie case, I knew I had my name. The Misfits.

It was a given to be a Mountain Mama, because these old mountains are my home. I’ve taken a bit of ribbing from my writing friends for not actually living on a mountain. No, I don’t live in a log house on top of a mountain.

With a name for my blog, I first went to Google to ensure no one had my blog name. So with my name secure, I went to a website and started a free blog. I picked a layout that made me happy to look at and went to writing. There I wrote my first words, “The Day a New Wind Came.”

I didn’t know this journey would take me so far and bring me such happiness. I only wanted to write again.

Today, I give you my first words enhanced, remastered, and raw.


“Breathing the New Air”

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Only “discovered” your writing today, and oh my I’m blown away! Really touched with your writing about the Mississippi hat…and also this one about your blog’s name. Just starting out with your first post, and looking forward to it. Greetings from sunny South Africa!


Very cool!

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