Sailed the Seas of Cheese

In another lifetime where we were not called “mum” or “dadada,” my husband and I were concert-goers.  We’ve seen quite a few shows. Some have left a lasting impression on me like the Dave Matthews Band. He put on a great show, but as I waited in forever long line for the women’s restroom I saw a different kind of show.

A drunk girl dropped pants and took a number two, not in the bathroom, but IN THE LINE. She stumbled away after she was done. Everyone in line had to sidestep the mess she left behind. And for the duration of concert, I was left thinking some girl didn’t wipe her bum and has to ride home with messy pants. Heaven forbid she picked up some random guy for the night. Joke’s on him, I guess. Looking back, drunken college kids are a lot like toddlers, except toddlers don’t know any better and are not fueled by massive amounts of binge beer drinking.

Speaking of massive beer drinking takes me back to the best show I’ve probably ever seen.

Flogging Molly played the Irish Festival in Dublin, Ohio, for the first time. They were set to play main stage under a tent. The best part happened to be the tent was set up right next to the band’s tent. Flogging Molly came and hung out with people before they took the stage.

The downside for some people who attended this show had to be the poor elderly people. They had saved seats all day in this tent. They sat in their chairs with paper fans, hopelessly unprepared for a Flogging Molly show. Rowdy Irish, drunken, jump up and down, with the band screaming, “They probably aren’t going to invite us back next year, so let’s make this a great show!”

The police ended up surrounding the tent that night. The energy raged and all those seats which people thought they would save for a nice little Irish show had to promptly put away. My husband recalls “I had never seen that look of terror on people’s faces as they played their first note.” Those poor people had never heard an Irish punk band before and were terrified by the sight of a mosh pit.

These were the times.



Almost every ticket from every show I’ve seen is here. Missing is Pearl Jam, Black Light Burns, 30 Seconds to Mars, and my beloved Flogging Molly Irish Festival ticket.

The last show we saw was Roger Waters “The Wall.” I discovered I was pregnant a few weeks later.  We had planned to see one more show before he was born but I was almost 5 months pregnant and didn’t want to make the journey. I’d seen Primus twice already. (For the record, Primus puts on one hell of a live show. Go see them if you haven’t already.)


Maybe we should have gone to the Primus. Maybe there is smidgen of regret for not going. Parenthood has slapped us with responsibility. We know there are no trips where we drive to Columbus for a night to see a show. There is the impending doom of what’s to come. The great bands we loved will slowly become a distant memory.

Our next show. . .I feel with almost utter certainty will probably be these guys.


Should have went to that Primus show.

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Charli Mills

I love Flogging Molly! My proudest “mum moment” was following my three teens into the mosh pit. My dumbest “mum moment” was getting clocked in the head and having to stagger out of the mosh pit! Ha, ha! But it was so fun. Energy. They are pure energy! Too funny that the old folks had no idea what was coming on stage!

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