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I stress a lot about parenting. I probably stress enough for you and me, and three sets of moms and dads at the park. Do you know why?

Because parenting is hard. Plain and simple.

(Mom, I get it now. I understand… Not completely because I will never have two teenage girls, but I will admit it right now: You were right. It’s hard.)

Many of my worries stem from the fact I am raising a child in the connected generation. I don’t know which guidelines are best to follow. I don’t know how much screen time is too much or enough or if he should have screen time at all. Please save posting the latest study because next week there will be three new studies all telling me something different.

I also don’t know how I’m supposed to parent when a young boy comes home from school and opens his laptop to see his peers ridicule him. Because in today’s society, a young adult can’t just walk away from bullies. There is a consistent routine, even as an adult, that it is okay to mock and make fun of people on the internet.

When asked about my greatest worry as a parent, it is this. It is the stress of my child being connected and never escaping hurtful words. It is the burden growing larger with each passing minute in trying to not raise a human who thinks it’s okay to hurt people because he is hidden behind a screen.

However much stress there is, I can praise both the good and the bad existing because of the technological age we live in today.

And I do.

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