Sh*t is Gonna Fly

No one told me when I became a parent it would be easy. I heard how much I would love him. And it was true. I heard how there is nothing like it. Once again, true. What I didn’t know was shit would fly across room and I wouldn’t care. I wouldn’t gag. I wouldn’t flinch. I would come together in a stronger form of myself and clean the shit off the wall, off my son, and eventually off myself. I would wait till last to clean another human being’s poo off my shirt and hands. This is a true story.

He was little and I went to change a diaper and he wasn’t done. It flew and landed on my coveted red dining room wall. It missed the treasured art piece we had received as a wedding present:

To Mr. Poe, you have no idea how lucky you were on this fateful day. This portrait was done by a childhood and dear lifelong friend of my husband’s. We love it. We cherish it. My son happened to be aiming in Poe’s direction and missed.

I learned an important lesson this day. Shit will fly. Wipe it away and laugh because these are the moments you will remember. Last night we set up the big boy tub. We infiltrated our last room with toys and a fish bath mat along with a little lion robe. It wasn’t his first time in a big grown up tub but it was a first time for us. And he yells when you pull him from the water, he roars. He will even dive back in face first trying to recapture his magical moment. A Pisces mother knows water. She knows her son. She will grab him the moment before his head hits the hard basin. He may scream because he didn’t get his way, but at least he didn’t cry due to hitting his head and swallowing too much water. He can be angry at me, I will take anger over him getting hurt every day of the week.

No one told me it would be easy. No one told me there are nights where I am emotionally exhausted. No one told me shit could reach such lengths. But it does. And when it does, I know two things. I am capable of wiping it off. I am capable of being the arms who will always catch and clean a little boy.

To all mothers who do this without knowing, you are great women. To all  the women who manage this time and time again with multiple babies, I applaud you. There are things I still do not know. How do you watch one toddler while bathing a baby? How do these women handle several little lives while they are only one person? I will never know these answers. It doesn’t make my respect for these ladies, and the daddies who help hold them up, any less.

A friend posted a comment on Facebook the other day. She reminded me of a great song which had been forgotten. Because in a day where every person can voice an opinion through this great Pandora’s Box known as the Internet, it seems like “Everybody’s talking but no one says a word.”

This song is dedicated for all the things I didn’t know, may never know, and still don’t know. http://


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