The Sippy Cup Showdown

What did you search on the Internets today? I searched aggressive toddler. We have not hit the terrible two’s yet, but tonight was worse than terrible. Tonight was a battle. I was hit, scratched, and eye gouging followed. I don’t know who in the hell taught my sweet baby boy how to fight dirty, but I will hunt you down. I am not joking. Eye gouging? Really?! Is this part of the terrible two’s? You may be wondering what caused this ferocious battle. I didn’t refill his sippy cup after he threw it at me twice.  Juicy J didn’t get his way.

I took the cup away. No, you do not get more to drink by angrily throwing a cup at me. I tried the eye level thing and asking him in a firm tone to apologize (désolé.) This angered the beast. Since I was on eye level, the next best strategy was to use me as a climbing stool to reach his desired cup. After being put back down, raging red anger attacked my face. Here is where I received scratch marks ON MY FACE and he went for the eyes. And the ears, and any part of my face his tiny toddler hands could reach. In a stunned fog, I said over and over “Say sorry. Désolé.” Maybe he hates French. Maybe he was overstimulated. Maybe he just wanted some more to drink. Maybe he was holding his ground and not saying sorry because I didn’t get the drink fast enough. As I stood up, the baby face blonde haired blue eyed angel proceeded to bite at my legs.

“Say sorry. You have two options. Say it in English or in French. You owe me an apology.”

Louder he cried. His lip quivered even harder. This all lasted less than 5 minutes. And inside I have to ask myself, is my child a bad kid? Will he one day be hated by teachers, preschools, and other parents? Out loud I asked “are you going to be THAT kid?” The one people dread because they are spoiled, bad mannered, ill tempered, and overall referred to as a brat.

Then he walked away and began to play in another room. No apology spoken and the cup is still sitting on our kitchen counter. And I’m on Google asking how to deal with aggression from a toddler. Wondering what is normal in a child his age. Wondering why he would hurt his Mama? I have no answers tonight. No wise words or funny quips. The day is done. It wasn’t our best day.

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Great post 🙂 I like your writing style!!

I couldn’t love this entry more. Our daughter is turning two in January, and she has been going through a phase much like your adorable toddler. Some days I look at her and think ” where did you learn this from?” When she went for a check up and for immunizations I asked our doctor what we could do about it and if it was normal… her response was ” It’s a phase, most toddlers go through it… especially if they get frustrated in a situation.” Our daughter is having a hard time using her words, so apparently that’s why… Read more »
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