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Blame Train Rolling Into The Station

I opened up. My body walked out on the public opinion ledge and stood fully naked in front of the stale popcorn eating crowd. I did my best to explain every detail with tears streaming down my face as I strung all the words together. When you tell the truth, people have some kind of gasoline-ignited burning desire to yell…

Love Is Love Until It Isn’t

Love is love until it isn’t. When it’s no longer present in the heart or soul, we’re walking and talking with only emptiness making us whole. My eyes are trying to see the world but they can’t seem to grasp the slightest bit of understanding. Emotionless and void, working and earning, I am a woman completing every have-to-task bestowed on…

Behind My Bedroom Door

Have you read enough?  Probably not. I’ve got tales, stories, and memories still floating anxiously in this mind of mine. I’ve got words to string together to tell you about my love. Yet, there are many questioning one aspect behind my bedroom door. Tonight, let’s swing the door wide open. Allow you to smell the sweat-covered sheets. Take note of…

A Weekend Getaway Featured On Cosmopolitan!

It’s hard to face the facts. One of my facts is how my marriage has suffered since having our child. I missed conversation. I missed our time. But one trip changed helped reignite some old flames. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO READ: “A WEEKEND GETAWAY LITERALLY SAVED OUR SEXLESS MARRIAGE” featured on Cosmopolitan 

What 14 Years Does To A Relationship on Good Housekeeping

My husband and I moved in together 6 months after first meeting. We’ve never been apart longer than 3 days. As our relationship evolved, it has changed. There are seasons and, right now, him and I are facing a test of our love. CLICK HERE TO READ “The Truth About My 14-Year Relationship” Featured on Good Housekeeping 

Glitterotica on Original Bunker Punks Today!

There are few things in life that are as important as your sparkle. The internal glitter beaming from within every single person is erotic. It is shining, magical, and unique. Let your glitter shine. Let it brighten the world. Click Here to Read WE ARE GLITTEROTICA on Original Bunker Punks Today  

The Closet Corset

Perfection is the goal. To present ourselves as golden rays beaming happiness. It’s not always so. I can redefine beauty in the terms of motherhood, but I still play another role. The role which began almost 12 years prior. He didn’t have a ring and we had only been dating for 8 months. I was crying and an emotional Pisces…

Two Questions One Answer

A few years ago I asked a question. What is two girls one cup? If you don’t know what it is, don’t go looking. JUST DON’T DO IT. My ears were assaulted by the answer. My mind is still haunted in the fact that two fame whores would go to such an extent and post such filth on the internet.…

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