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It started as a morning where I needed to write. My only way to vocalize the internal devastation began by typing my story onto the keyboard. Almost two months later, it still hurts. I still cry, not everyday anymore.

From Huffington Post to Scary Mommy, please click to read:

“I’m Heartbroken, But I Can’t Stay Married To A Serial Cheater”

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Charli Mills

Every publication, every post shared, every person you reach, let it say to you that you and your writing matter!

This is the first time I’ve seen your blog. But I was in your shoes just over a year ago. I had discovered a life of deceit even more tortuous than your own. Likely dozens of women over several years that I had no idea about. We had two children together and he was an excellent actor (i.e. LIAR) who played the role of the deeply in-love doting husband and father. But I eventually did find the emails, the hidden second phone, the very sexual texts. Even texts saying “I love you and want to father your children.” I didn’t… Read more »
I just read your Scary Mommy article and followed the link to your blog here. That article was my own life a few years ago and I wanted to let you know I’m here now, about five years later, and it’s so much better now. I’m now 31 years old, remarried and have two baby girls. My life is by no means perfect now, but my struggles are ‘normal ‘: balancing parenting and ‘me time’ and time alone with my husband. Finding time to make dinner while nursing babies and cleaning messes and changing diapers. My ex husband’s habitual infidelity… Read more »
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