The Emperor’s New Clothes

One of the happiest joys when preparing for a new baby is SHOPPING! All the cute outfits are hung with care waiting for the day they can be worn. The perfect attire is picked out for each day in the hospital, and don’t forget the all important arriving home outfit. When your baby makes their arrival a month or so before the planned time, there are complications. And all those outfits you hung so carefully usually will not fit. Much like the Emperor, the perfect outfit was nothing at all because nothing I had bought fit my son when he came 32 days early.

Similar to the birthing process, I shed a great many tears over this fact. Four and a half pounds doesn’t qualify for newborn clothing. The hospital pictures were narrowed down to hats. My son literally lived in over sized hospital t-shirts for several days. The sleeves drooped and we became accustomed to rolling them up. They were more like gowns than t-shirts, but I was grateful nonetheless. And the cute hats in the hospital pictures, he was so small that one of them was from a duck vase. Yea, a friend had sent me flowers in a duck. The duck had a hat and my son could wear it. His special going home outfit was never worn. Instead he was dressed in a too large flannel onesie. I kept that outfit as a memento. Planned or not, it was his coming home outfit.


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I made it two days before I broke down crying because my child had no clothes. I assume my cries were heard because the next day my husband’s best friend showed up. His mom knowing my due date had went shopping because she knew our baby would be little, and she was right. I was even more grateful then when I left the hospital with those five t-shirts. It took a few days but friends and family were abundant with help. And I did what every girl does best, I shopped. Living in a small town limits a person’s choices in fashion, especially in preemie sizes.What to do and where to go?
First and foremost, Amazon. That’s right, go online. They will have it to you quickly. Babies R Us (Toys R Us) is another great place to find fashion in preemie sizes and they are as fast as Amazon. Literally my sister called and asked what I needed on the day I arrived home from the hospital, I said clothes. A box from Babies R Us arrived within the week. Then there is always the beautiful tool known as EBay. Use the ‘Buy It Now’ option and depending on the seller’s shipping methods (look for priority when buying) you will have the clothes you want and need.

Small and large towns usually have at least one consignment shop. USE THEM. BUY FROM THEM! They have a wonderful selection consisting of many brands, styles and they are usually in great condition. Because let’s be honest, our kids don’t stay in their clothes very long. They grow fast! Every outfit pictured below was bought second hand and they were bought at discounted prices.

Emperors 2

Now just because you have a preemie doesn’t mean you can’t use some of the clothes which are already hanging and awaiting them. T-shirts are a great item to outfit your miniature bundle of joy. It may not be the epitome of fashion you had imagined, but it is comfortable for your baby. Plus it allows easy access for diaper changes. Gowns were another great style, but long sleeves will hang past a preemie’s hands. You will adapt to rolling up sleeves and trying to keep mittens on. The keyword for all of parenthood is adaptation. Embrace it.

They arrived before they were suppose to. They arrived on their own schedule, not a doctor’s. Having my preemie son was unexpected and we were unprepared. You will find what they need and although you did not plan for them to live in hospital t-shirts, it is okay. No matter what they are wearing, the best outfit you can bestow on your child is your love. No designer or outfit can compare to that.

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