Dreams Can Come True on The Good Men Project

On Saturday, one of the most important letters I’ve written was featured on The Good Men Project. I’ve been told there are things I couldn’t do. I was told I probably shouldn’t try to have a baby. People say ‘writers are a dime a dozen.’ Even in knowing this, I can’t stop writing.

Had I listened to the specialists, I would have never seen my biggest dream come true. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I hope one day, he will understand that people are not always right. Follow your dreams. Try to do the best you can. Within trying, dreams become attainable.

Click here to read “Dreams Can Come True” featured on The Good Men Project

Good Men Project April 26

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Jaya Pandey

Thanks for bringing forward your precedent. I realized the importance of believing in my dream when I saw that I have all the resources I need but I didn’t notice them and I didn’t try. I have to admit that my daily routine was becoming overbearing for me. And then one day, I opened my eyes and realized how stupid I have been. Since then I am chasing my dream and was not bored for even a single second. I wish I could successfully teach that to my daughter.

Tarynn Playle

I absolutely loved that piece! It’s such an imprtant lesson to teach your son! That way he won’t have to learn the hard way like you did. And it’s an inspirational message for me-I have dreams and aspirations but I never think I’m good enough. So, thank you!

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