The Day a New Wind Came

This is an introduction. It is a formal invitation allowing readers to follow our lives. The only hope I have for this blog is that it will relate different emotions and viewpoints that I have found in my new role as a parent. Work springs from inspiration. My inspiration is my son. I have one story that I love to tell him and as a birthday tradition, we tell this story. The tale of how he came to this world.

They said I shouldn’t have children. When I was once young, a kidney stopped working and it caused a great amount of problems especially secondary hypertension (high blood pressure due to one kidney being overworked.) The fear was that a real life “Steel Magnolia” scenario would play out. And much like the character Shelby, I went against doctors’ advice. I conceived and carried a little boy to 35 weeks.

It was Valentine’s Day. I went to work and a nice cop actually gave a pregnant lady a ticket for an expired inspection sticker. It was a day full of love. As I finished my job, I sat down to eat with my husband. This was our 10th or 11th Valentine’s Day together and we were gonna live it up with a heart shaped pizza. The phone rang, it was my doctor asking me to come to the hospital because the good kidney was beginning to lose function. They said I needed to perform yet another pee in a jug test. Those tricky scoundrels. Upon arriving and settling into my hospital bed, the plans were changed. We were gonna have a baby instead. My husband’s face went white. I asked them if they “were shittin’ me?” They said no. I said then please give us a few minutes. We were not ready. It was a month early. I only had a half decorated nursery. And I had really believed my son would wait till at least February 19th so he could be like his momma; a Pisces. Yea, I read into where the stars align. Here was my first lesson as a parent. They come at their own times. Our schedules do not dictate our children’s lives.

So began an excruciating ordeal of labor. By 6 a.m. the next morning, they finally broke my water and all hell broke loose with my body along with an immense amount of pain and bodily fluids. My blood pressure was reaching stroke numbers and I blacked in and out of consciousnesses. Labor pains will always remind a woman of the situation at hand. The epidural didn’t work. So they gave me a spinal. That was nice. They said he was coming fast. And by 10:30 they lowered some lights out of the ceiling. I knew the whole time I was in this room, something was gonna come out of the outlined squares in the ceiling. I gave a set of three pushes and into my life there came a new wind. It was my Aquarius. It was my four and half pound tiny little son. He was perfect. He only screamed for a couple minutes, surely frightened by the lights and the many women who scooped him away as they inspected his condition.

He was first placed in his father’s arms. Something which still pisses me off to this day, because I did a lot of work to get him here. Finally, he was rested upon my chest. He smiled and I smiled back. I said “Welcome to the world, baby boy. I have dreamed of you for a very long time.” We sat there studying each other. It was one of the happiest moments I have ever had.

So is the story of how my air baby came into this world. So is the beginning of my inspiration and the winds which has now changed me forever.


And we were three.


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