What 14 Years Does To A Relationship on Good Housekeeping

My husband and I moved in together 6 months after first meeting. We’ve never been apart longer than 3 days. As our relationship evolved, it has changed. There are seasons and, right now, him and I are facing a test of our love.


“The Truth About My 14-Year Relationship”

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Jules Ruud

I went into parenthood convinced that the experience was only going to bring my husband and I closer, but we have moments where we have never felt farther apart. Then I felt like a failure because everybody else seemed to have it together except us, but that wasn’t the truth either. The reality is that you can have the best of intentions, but you can’t plan ahead for everything. What you can do is keep working at it, which we always will.


Great article! Now that Z is a bit older my husband and I have taken more opportunities to be with each other alone and leave Z home with a babysitter. It is still hit and miss though, we have been trying for a couple of weeks to no avail. Work and life have gotten in the way. But the nice thing is that we love each other and we will have some time soon 🙂

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