Yes, I’m A Real Mother Featured On Scary Mommy Today!

Sticks and stones, they’ve been thrown my way. Words do hurt me.

I thought when I decided to become clean, the hardest part to my addiction would be over. In some ways, it’s never over. The judgement towards the kind of person I used to be seems to collide with the person I am today.

The judgement doesn’t allow me to accept I am a human and before my child was conceived I made mistakes. Little sticks and tiny pebbles have been thrown my way since giving birth to my only child. Each of them tearing a part of me down in some way.

The choices I made are my own. Every choice. Right down to the fact, I only have one child.


“Yes, I Am A Real Mother” featured on Scary Mommy

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Such a wonderful post… my mom always had to deal with those comments as well (I was an only child) I dont understand why people feel the need to say such horrible things. You rock, momma!

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